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Water tank house PA1980-60-139022_0.JPG

The residential neighborhoods of Nob Hill are among the best preserved examples of early 20th Century architecture in Albuquerque.  Nob Hill started developing 96 years ago.  Owing to a fortunate set of circumstances its neighborhoods still provide a vivid picture of Albuquerque as builders pushed out of the valley and onto the east mesa.   Its houses illustrate the picturesque architectural styles popular at the time and  provide a verifiable evidentiary record of a significant architectural past.

re:Discover Nob Hill is a grassroots effort dedicated to raising awareness and appreciation of this special place. It is made up of neighborhood residents, educators, and architectural historians. 

Information about Nob Hill history can be hard to find.  That's why we developed this site and our brochure. We also conduct walking tours, seminars, and work with groups and schools.

We would be happy to know of your particular knowledge about Nob Hill, its architecture, its history, or interesting people who have lived here, and are happy to help you learn about our neighborhood or find resources you need. Feel free to contact us or call at 991-1388.

(January 1938, House at 319 Carlisle SE, converted from an original water tank)